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Welcome to Coney's Stamps!

Please excuse the mess...! Thank you for coming to our web site!

We're working on some issues and putting new pages up so things might vanish, move, showup... etc. Check back. We have exciting changes in store for you.

We've recently begun to upload new pages. I plan to add stamps year at a time then back fill with the individual stamps and related stamps. Also updating linked or referenced pages. I started with 1847. and Scott's #1 and 2. 1898 and it's stamps have been up for a while. I'm still playing with those pages to add a few after thoughs for navigation and links to related infoamtion and atricles. I'll concentrate on the 1800s at first since building those pages offer more of a challenge due to the number of varients and are not as conducive to database driven pages.

After the stamp pages for the 1800's are done I'll move on to the identification guides for the 1800's before moving my focus to the 1900's.

As this is a part time effort for me, progress has ben slow due to other concerns, work, family, etc... But rest assured, I'll keep plugging away at it.

Among other things the BLOG is up and running, Classified ads and RSS Feeds will be added later. The databases is still in development which will drive much of the content. The Forum is up but is not yet ready for use. A problem was found and we need to upgrade the software to negate the issue.

We've been adding new pages and reworking a few others. Too many to list here but, this week we did add a couple new articles by Steve Swain.

20th Century U.S. Fancy Cancels Some Philatelic Amusement.
National Air Mail Week, May 15-21, 1938 - 20th Anniversary of Air Mail Service.

The intent of this site is to consolidate and share information and news about stamp collecting. We hope you explore these pages and enjoy the information which we have prepared for you. Regardless of your age, experience or collecting desires there's something here for everyone. You'll even find information for non collectors who are interested in stamps as an investment to diversify their portfolios.

At the right you'll see a section menu which will guide you to articles, photos, tips and tidbits for collectors of all ages and experience. Each of these sections contain information ranging from the basic's for those who are interested in starting out, to those who like us have been stamps collecting since 1972! Every day, I learn something new or I'm reminded of something I forgot a long time ago.

Although we do talk about assessing values and identification one thing we do not offer at this time are up to date values for individual stamps. That would be a task better left to those who have built a business around it. Instead we tell you how and where to reliably obtain that type of information.

Another thing that you will not find on this site is overpowering advertisements... You'll see a few here and there but we're determined to keep the pages of this site clean, easy to read and informative. Ads that you see will be directly tied to the subject and will not interfere with the article.

I hope you find this site to be an illuminating and reliable source of information for all of your philatelic needs.

We're currently growing by leaps and bounds as we convert our notes and articles to web content. If you don't see something that you are looking for or would like to contribute information, write an article or have other comments please contact us. We'd like to hear from you.


Thank you,
Jeffrey M. Coney